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Junior Development is Seeking Good Used Gear...

Especially Trick Pairs, and Jumpers Needed!

Officials Clinic for Judges and Scorers

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Renew Your MWSA Dues

Be sure to visit the registration page to renew your membership with the MN Water Ski Association!

For 2022, dues are as follows:

Individual:  $20.00 if paid via this website, $25.00 if paid onsite at one of the tournaments sponsored by the MWSA.

Couples:  $40.00 if paid via this website, $45.00 if paid onsite at one of the tournaments sponsored by the MWSA.

Families:   $50.00 if paid via this website, $60.00 if paid onsite at one of the tournaments sponsored by the MWSA.

The Minnesota Water Ski Association is a 501(c)3 organization.  Please check with your individual accountant, but it is possible that your dues paid are tax deductible.

Summer Board Meetings

With the number of tournaments held close together throughout the summer months, the MWSA does not hold summer time board meetings.  Our next meeting will be held in late July on the Saturday evening of the Ralph Samuelson State Championships.

Obituary: Steve Wolgamot

Steve Wolgamot died peacefully on August 18th, 2022 at age 75 after a long battle with Glioblastoma brain cancer.  Steve’s love of waterskiing began as a child skiing behind a 13’ Crestliner with a 35 horse outboard on Fountain Lake in Albert Lea. Minnesota.  White Bear Lake has been his home for waterskiing for the last 43 years where you would find him at 7am every morning skiing with lifelong friends on the White Bear Lake “ski team.”  He had a passion for teaching anyone that could be convinced to try skiing, and he has taught hundreds of kids and adults to waterski.  He introduced more than 100 skiers to slalom course skiing.  You could recognize Steve skiing by his signature joyful “Whew” every time he got up.  He skied a slalom course for the first time in his early 40’s, and didn’t ski his first tournament until the early 1990’s when his kids became interested in tournament skiing.  Steve resumed skiing tournaments again at age 65 after more than 20 years away from competitive skiing when his grandkids started competing.  He was a back to back Midwest regional champion at ages 72 and 73, and he skied in his first Goode national championships at age 72 in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Steve viewed skiing and competing alongside 3 generations of Wolgamots to be his greatest skiing accomplishment.  Steve continued skiing even after his first laser ablation brain surgery, and he was convinced he would make it back to competing in tournaments one day.  Steve is survived by his wife, Karen, daughter Megan (Mike), son Doug (Christy) and grandkids Hailey, Lola, Ryan and Kaili.

Obituary: John Roger Van Gieson

Van Gieson, John Roger of Seabrook Island, South Carolina, passed away peacefully on Thursday, June 16, 2022 with his wife by his side. He was 61 years old. John was born to Walter and Joan Van Gieson in Yonkers, NY, on September 17, 1960. John was passionate about and friends always came first. He made friends quickly and easily and he was always there for others. John's other great passion was waterskiing. He loved being out on the water, skiing and hanging with his friends. John waterskied competitively for a number of years and qualified and skied at the Waterski National Championships.   Full obituary can be read here.

A celebration of life will be held in September at 6Smith, please contact Maggie Trenary for an evite.  This will be held on 9/12 at 5:00pm.

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To provide our skiers with quick links to popular websites, we recommend the following pages.  Please be sure to visit them for up to date information on our sport!

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Regional and National Officials

Congratulations to our officials that will represent MN at Regionals and Nationals!

Regional Chief Driver - Darren Janzig
Regional Assignment Coordinator - Kate Knafla
Regional Appointed Drivers - Chris Kosek, George Lindy
National Appointed Scorer - Kate Knafla
National Appointed Drivers - Darren Janzig, George Lindy

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MWSA recognizes sponsors who have helped MWSA support the growth and development of water skiing in Minnesota.  Please be sure to visit and patronize these businesses!

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