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Seeking Used Equipment

Junior Development is Seeking Good Used Gear...

Especially Trick Pairs, and Jumpers Needed!

Officials Clinic for Judges and Scorers

Do you need to maintain your judges rating or scorers rating?

Scorers Click Here

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Join the MWSA

Become a member of the Minnesota Waterski Association!

Families with more than 1 skier receive a discount to pre-pay for their skiing!

Junior Development Registration

Is now open!  To register, please click here:

May Board Meeting Notice

This notice is to serve as the official notice for the May board meeting. 

The May meeting will be held, virtually, on Wednesday, May 19th at 7:00pm.  All members are welcome to attend.

Summary of Rule Changes

The 2021 AWSA Rulebook and Summary of Rule Changes Can Be Found Here:

  1. Updates to the financial P&P's. Document started in 2000, was updated to cover outsourced book keeping, payroll, and a few other minor items. This was immediately approved for pending USOPC compliance audit. BOD will be editing again in the near future as a few other house keeping items were mentioned.
  2. Background Screen Appeal Policy. We did not have one. With background screening required of more of our membership, one was needed. It will be added to our P&P's.
  3. Safe Sport training requirement of all USA-WSWS members age 18 & older beginning in 2022. A few items of note:
    1. New / renewing members will have 30 days to complete the training. If it is not completed within 30 days members will be unable to register and compete.
    2. Safe Sport training does not apply to guest memberships.
    3. Any member turning 18 will have 30 days to complete training at their renewal at age 17 with parental consent.
    4. All SD Presidents will be asked to encourage members to complete the training in 2021, so at their 2022 renewal time it is already completed.
    5. Any member who has completed Safe Sport training for another sport, will not be required to complete it again. The new membership system will do a database query with the Center for Safe Sport. If their training certification is complete and up to date, they will meet the USA-WSWS requirement.  Only other item of note is that the new membership system is on schedule to launch in April / May time frame. Prior to going live, BOD's will be asked to join and/or renew memberships with dummy credit card numbers USA-WSWS will provide to test and provide feedback. Look for more on that soon.

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To provide our skiers with quick links to popular websites, we recommend the following pages.  Please be sure to visit them for up to date information on our sport!

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Regional and National Officials

Congratulations to our officials that will represent MN at Regionals and Nationals!

Regional Chief Driver - Darren Janzig
Regional Assignment Coordinator - Kate Knafla
Regional Appointed Drivers - Chris Kosek, George Lindy
National Appointed Scorer - Kate Knafla
National Appointed Drivers - Darren Janzig, George Lindy

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MWSA recognizes sponsors who have helped MWSA support the growth and development of water skiing in Minnesota.  Please be sure to visit and patronize these businesses!

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