Michael Toffoli

Over the 4th of July 1957 ( age 14 )  Mike learned to waterski at cousin  Claudia’s  in Detroit Lakes Mn.

While in high school ( in Duluth),  he and two buddies restored a sunken 14’ aluminum runabout powered by a 25 horse Johnson;  and started skiing at every opportunity.

While attending graduate school at the U of Minnesota (1966) he saw Nito Quitevis and Jim Arndt running the slalom course and trick skiing on Lake Owasso …he was blown away by these two awesome skiers. He got to know them and, by the next summer, he was skiing shows with the Bald Eagle Ski Club and starting tournament skiing.  He really  enjoyed the show group and show skiing, especially barefooting, the pyramid, and doing ramp 360s.

By 1970, he had his own ramp and slalom course on a small lake outside of Stacy, MN and he began to focus on tournament competition.  In 1980,  Mike and George Lindy moved the ramp to Lake Reshenau and skied together for two decades.

He was president of the Bald Eagle club in 1972 and President  of  MWSA in the late 70’s.

He was a tournament boat drive and assistant judge and was fortunate enough to have a Promotional boat for 20 years.

He competed from 1967 to 1998.

  • He was the Minnesota State Trick champion 9 times,  The State Jump champion 11 times, and the Overall Champion 7 times (and managed 2 second places in slalom).
  • At the Regional level, He was the Slalom Champion 1 time, The Jump Champion 3 times, and the Overall Champion 3 times.
  • At the Nationals,  he qualified for all three events most years .  He place in jumping 6 times and was 3rd  Overall  3 times.              

Mike enjoyed practice more than competition because it provided wonderful times with family and friends.  He welcomed the opportunity to get someone “up” for the first time or successfully over the jump, through the slalom course or skiing backwards for the first time.  He especially enjoyed coaching his children.

The last time on skis he was competing at the 1998 National Championships.   He placed 4th in jumping and daughter Tina places 4th in Slalom … a wonderful conclusion to many great skiing experiences.

Waterskiing provided hours, years and decades of special times with so many wonderful  people and family members  as we helped and encouraged each other  to achieve the next “PB”…Personal Best.

Wishing you smooth water, steady speeds and continuing “PB”s