Kate Knafla

Over the last 35 years nobody has dedicated more time to Minnesota Waterski association than Kate Knafla. She has dedicated her time and efforts at growing the sport of waterskiing. She is a Senior Judge, Scorer, and State Safety Director. She has served as Chief Scorer at the Local, Regional and National tournaments. Kate has implemented the Junior Development judging program where she develops young skiers into judges.

Kate has served as MWSA Secretary, Vice President, and President. She has also served as Midwest Regional Council Person and Midwest EVP. At the National level Kate was the AWSA Secretary from 2008-2013. She is currently serving on the AWSA Judges and Scorers Committee.

Her accomplishments include:

  • Gary Duhamel Memorial Award 2001
  • Midwest Region Mary Jo Power Award 2008
  • National Mary Jo Power Award 2007
  • 2013 Minnesota State Slalom Champion, and Midwest Regional Slalom Champion.

There has not been a person who has dedicated more time and energy to Minnesota waterskiing. Please elect Kate into the Minnesota Waterskiing Hall of Fame.