Evelyn Chapin Duvall

Evelyn learned to ski at the age of 7 and started competing at age 11. Evelyn was a three event skier for many years, before retiring from jump in the 1980s. She continues to slalom and trick in tournaments today.  Since age 11, Evelyn has skied in 25 different national competitions, placing in the top ten 12 different times, the top five 6 times, and in 2012 she placed 2nd in slalom with a score of 1.5 at 35off, 32mph!  Evelyn served as the MWSA as secretary for a number of years, designed and engraved trophies, designed MWSA logos, and helped judge many different events. In 2005, Evelyn also earned the Toby Shotwell award for the highest NOPS points earned in a tournament.

Her accomplishments are:

Currently holds 10 state and regional records:

  • Regional tournament W5 slalom

  • State tournament W2, 3, 4, 5 slalom, W3, 5 tricks

  • State record W3, 5 slalom, W5 tricks

First national appearance at age 16 in 1975 at Tomahawk, WI

Best National Score of 1.5 at 35 off in 1998 and 2012

Best tournament scores: 3 at 35 off, 34 mph in slalom, 1970 points in trick and 53 Feet in Jump

Received Toby Shotwell award in 2005