Herb Schulte

Herb Schulte is a “make it happen” type guy and it is an honor and with great pleasure to induct him into the MN Waterski Hall of Fame.

Although Herb is a good skier, Herb would be the first to say that he doesn’t ski into 38 off, trick 4000 points or Jump 120’, however, if he put in the hours practicing that he does volunteering, he would be a pro. Herb has been involved in waterskiing since he was 10 years old and has been giving to and supporting the sport both on and off the water in many ways.

Some of things to know about Herb:

  • Started skiing at age 10 on Spring Lake, where he still has a cabin and generously allows the storage of our jump during the winter. Herb is the only person I know that feels bad if we put in the jump or take it out and he is not home….
  • Skied various shows in PL area until about age 30, then drove boat for the PL traveling shows another 10 years. I was skiing in the PL shows at the time and many occasions Herb would need to work on a Saturday morning, but would drive by himself for 3-4 hours to get to the show in time to drive. A lot of other people would have skipped the show and passed the work off to someone else.
  • Started tournament skiing in 1963, attending the GMO, skiing in the slalom and jump events, and has been a tournament skier every year since excluding a couple years during dental school. Herb has also skied at Regionals and Nationals a few years
  • Herb has been a President, Vice-President and Treasurer of both the PLake club and MWSA.

Donations/Fund Raising –

  • Spent a lot of Friday nights in the Pullman Bar in Shakopee, doing a Meat Raffle fundraiser for the PL club. You know he helped with this a lot as when I also helped with Herb, he was greeted by many of the patrons just like Norm from Cheers! Herb could also sell raffle tickets ALMOST as fast as the ladies!
  • Jr Dev. Auction, Herb always has an item or 2 to contribute to this cause.
  • Tournament Expenses – Many years paid for tournament expenses out of his own pocket, to allow the proceeds from the tournament to go back into the club to allow the money to be spent on other skiing related items.
  • If you have ever attended a safety clinic it was probably put on by Herb. He has done clinics each year across MN, SD, WI. Often he has done these on short notice to help a club out that needed a safety person for their upcoming clinic, tournament or show, I’ve also known Herb to give up a weekend of spring Turkey hunting to put on a clinic as that date fit the attendee schedule but not necessarily Herbs. If you knew how much he likes to Turkey hunt you will understand his sacrifice of time for this sport and other people.
  • Herb has driven to many a distant tournament just to volunteer as the Safety coordinator even when he didn’t ski. Without this there were tournaments that would not have been taking place,
  • He has also been tournament director, judge, and scorer for many tournaments, most recently the 10K lakes Open for the last several years. Without Herb spearheading this tournament it probably would not be getting done.. I remember a few tournament in Alexandria at Lake Laura and Lake Anderson, one of the last things we always had to do was return the porta-potties to Lake Laura. While a lot of people would quickly vacate the area Herb would step up and help.
  • Trophies – If you have a ski trophy in your house it was most likely provided thru Herb. This is a side business he has but I doubt it makes much money but if it wasn’t for Herb, tournaments either would not have trophies or they would be a lot more expensive.
  • The Prior Lake club had a weekly event called “Family Ski Night” that lasted most of the summer and was typically held on Spring Lake. It provided people that didn’t live on the lake, have a boat or access to a slalom course a chance to ski and learn. While others of us would volunteer occasionally, Herb would volunteer frequently. He also allowed the use of his dock when others would drive to make it easier for the attendees to find the site.


  • Herbs favorite ski site is Island Lake, as his tournament PB’s were all accomplished at that site. However he also appreciates the many private sites that exist now as the conditions are usually consistent.
  • Herbs favorite ski memories are the many days he got to ski with his son Mark. Mark became a good overall skier, jumping over 100’, tricking over 2000 points. I still remember Marks crash at Island lake where he dislocated his hip, I think his main concern was that they didn’t wreck his new jump suit, which did end up getting cut off!

If you were to look up the meaning of the word SELFLESS in the dictionary it would read "concerned more with the needs and wishes of others than with one's own; And if an example would be given, it would read "HERB SCHULTE". I believe it is this Selflessness of Herb and his dedication to the sport of waterskiing and life in general that makes him so deserving of this award.

As told during the induction ceremony at the 2016 State Waterski Tournament by Mr. Randy Baldwin