George Lindy

George Lindy has been skiing for 60 years, but you'd never guess that in watching him on the water, or behind the wheel of his boat.  He has served on the AWSA Towboat Committee from 1995 to the present time, and was Chairman of that committee for 15 years.

Over his time involved with the Minnesota Waterski Association, he has served as the President and Vice President.  He has also served our program as the Minnesota Council Representative to the Midwest Region, and the Towboat Representative to USA Waterski and AWSA.

George is an AWSA Senior / Pam Am Judge, and Senior Driver.  He has served as a Chief Driver at the AWSA Nationals, Collegiate Nationals, Assistant Chief Judge at the AWSA Nationals, Chief Judge and Driver at Midwest Regionals, and Driver for the US Team Trials, Can Am Challenge, Malibu Open, and Coors Light Pro Tour.   He is currently a Trustee for the AWSEF.

George has been a Malibu Promotional Boat Representative for 25 years, and a National Tournament competitor for 32 years.  He has earned the Gary Duhamel Award, The Tommy Dorwin Award, the Mary Jo Power Award, and is a two-time Fred Wiley Nationals Driver's Award winner.