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Join Us For Board Meetings

Be sure to check the calendar page for upcoming meetings and event dates.  To help better direct our conversations and to be able to focus on a few main topics for each board meeting, the following schedule will serve as a guide for upcoming meetings:

Meeting Date Meeting Topic
November 14, 2017 Tournament Schedule/Directors (GMO, State and Fall 2 Round), Sanctioning, Boat Show
January 16, 2018 Officials/Safety Clinics, Ski Nights, Tournament Sanction Follow-up
February 20, 2018 Junior Development and Pro-Skier Clinic
March 20, 2018 Tournament Folllow-up, etc.


Join the MWSA!

You will soon be able to register with the MWSA and pay your dues via our secure website.  Your dues will be valid for the entire 2018 Water Ski season, and you can choose between an individual membership and a family membership.

Please check back soon as we continue to update the website with new features for all of our water ski friends!

Ski Nights Are Back!

Ski Nights will be back for 2018, thanks to some great hosts! 

For more information, and to register, visit the Ski Nights page on this website!

Looking to Ski?

As part of the 2017 Membership Campaign, your MN Waterski Board asked who would be interested in skiing with others.  If you are looking to get out on the lake, or to check out a new lake, this list is a great place to start...


A great Q&A on Zero Based Scoring has been added to the Competition page of the website.  For more information, please be sure to read this article shared by Dr. Kate Knafla with our membership.

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Join Our Email List!

If you have not already done this, please click on the link on the top left of this website (Become a Member).  If you already have a SportsEngine account through another sport, you can use that same user name and password for this site too!  Just link your profiles once you are logged in.  Once you are a member of this website, you will receive all communications through the emails associated with your SportsEngine log in.  To add additional emails, go to your account settings once you are logged in (top left of page).  Thanks!

Helpful Links

To provide our skiers with quick links to popular websites, we recommend the following pages.  Please be sure to visit them for up to date information on our sport!

Sponsored by USA Water Ski

USA Water Ski

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Be Sure To Join!

Sponsored by USA Water Ski Foundation

USA Water Ski Foundation

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The foundation behind our sport...

Sponsored by AWSA Midwest Region

AWSA Midwest Region

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Learn What's Happening in our Region!

Sponsored by AWSA Rules Committee

AWSA Rules Committee

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Download Rule Books Here


MWSA recognizes sponsors who have helped MWSA support the growth and development of water skiing in Minnesota.  Please be sure to visit and patronize these businesses!

Sponsored by Minnesota Inboard

Minnesota Inboard

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Sponsored by Midwest Mastercraft

Midwest Mastercraft

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Sponsored by Dock and Lift Company

Dock and Lift Company

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